Cartoonised Drummer

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Diagram of CPR

Agonal Breathing

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Heart-Drum 'Beat'

image of hands drumming

Recognising Signs of Cardiac Animation

Wednesday, 8 June 2011  at 14:07
Quite a progression from the last post, but... here’s the animation as it stands.

The main deviation from the initial pitch is the exclusion of an ‘establishing’ environment, having tested with the camera move and the timing I concluded that it was much too confusing, there’s not enough time to register the place before it disappears. I hope to have a lot of ‘behind the scene’ / ‘making of’ posts to come so I’ll include a clip of the environment in the future. The next step is a HD render of a higher quality version.

A great experience full of exactly the kind of challenges that I wanted to find. I am now quite comfortable in the 3D package 3DS Max and my animation of humans it at a much higher standard, both good things.

I hope you all find it informative and engaging.

Project Go-Ahead

Saturday, 26 March 2011  at 11:56
Well, the revised pitch was one of the four projects given the go-ahead. I'd like to thank Dr Jasmeet Soar and his colleagues at RCUK for their constructive input and for approving my proposal, it was an enjoyable experience.
The project's medium has changed to 3D and I am going for photorealism in the character's appearance and movement. Videos from the pitch can be found over on the RCUK Vimeo channel, which are now embedded in the image viewer slide thingy above.

Here's the presentation (because we all love a good presentation)

Initial Pitch

Wednesday, 9 March 2011  at 17:17
Taking a more cognitive approach I sought to illicit an emotional response in order to associate the overriding message; that without a heart beat a person is dead even if they draw breath. The piece open with a wonderful and steady drumbeat from a multitude of international drummers, we intercut between repeated angles. Suddenly the beat halters, drumsticks cascade to the floor (all in one shot) and the steady beat is replaced with a jarring gurgle and gasp, will illustrate that the drummers hearts have stopped with a faded cross-section and instructions are given in voice over with accompanying symbols (phone 999 – section of the screen illustrating dialling).

After the initial pitch I now have a clearer view of the client’s needs. To cut down on time the first section will be dropped for a more illustrative and diagrammatic piece focusing on getting the information across in the most accessible way.
Below is the initial pitch in powerpoint form.

I look forward to posing video examples very soon.